Bosque WAC Members at the Polls

Bosque students—Hannelore ‘21, Arielle ‘21, and Katelyn ‘22—hit the polls on Election Day last Tuesday to honor the passing of women’s right to vote a century ago. They went to different voting centers across the city to serve as voting clerks and proudly represented their Service Learning group, Womxn’s Advocacy Coalition (WAC). Although the three members might not be old enough to vote yet, they were still able to play a critical role. Read about their experiences:

"My Service Learning group, Womxn's Advocacy Coalition, was able to have a few members become student clerks on Election Day! Our motivation was to honor the centennial for women's suffrage, and we thought what better way than to be involved in the city's voting process! My job as a student clerk was to first go through a training at the Bernalillo County Bureau of Elections; then I was placed at a site, which happened to be Alameda West. Everyone there was super excited to have a student clerk, and they all made sure I felt at home and would not hesitate to ask questions. All day I sat at a table issuing ballots to people after confirming their identity. It was an amazing opportunity to see everyone come out to vote and make connections with the people of Albuquerque. I would highly recommend this to everyone, and I look forward to starting this as a tradition for Womxn's Advocacy Coalition." ~Arielle ‘21

“The opportunity to work with so many people who care about local government and who understand the importance of the right to vote was an experience I will never forget. It’s so important to vote so that our county, city, state, and country can give voice to many people who represent a wide variety of demographic groups. Disenfranchisement is a huge problem, especially in our state with such high incarceration rates. To not vote is to be selfish and not consider those who do not have the privilege, for whatever circumstances. It was also very exciting to see just how many people came out to vote on Election Day (around 1,000). Go Albuquerque!” ~Katelyn ‘22