Time, Treasure, Talent, and Gratitude

Head of School, Dr. Jessie Barrie
We are celebrating gratitude this entire week at Bosque. From helping our students explore the concept of gratitude, to sharing the scientifically proven benefits of gratitude, to taking the time to slow down and acknowledge those people and experiences for which we are grateful, we are devoting our time and intention to conversations, thoughts, and actions that, I would argue, are critically important to the health and well-being of us all.

I was a child who wanted for little. I attended an independent school, an overnight summer camp, and had a passion for horseback riding. I existed in worlds of privilege, and it would have been natural to make assumptions that my experience was a common one. I was fortunate to have parents who were committed to ensuring that I was educated and aware of my privilege. Growing up in downtown Toronto, the world’s most multicultural city, exposed me to diverse people and perspectives every day. My greatest perspective on gratitude came from our annual commitment to spending Christmas morning sharing meals with others who, like us, were immigrants to Canada and may have otherwise spent the holiday alone. We sat with many who were homeless and lonely. I think my parents hoped I would gain perspective on my privileged life and also shift past the commercialism of Christmas. Fortunately, both of those things occurred, but my real gratitude came from the depth of the relationships I built with individuals who watched me grow up and who showed me the true power of community and connection.

As a parent myself, it is so important that I help cultivate an awareness of and commitment to gratitude within my own family. We practice regular daily gratitudes at the dinner table, my four-year-old understands that each new toy is an opportunity to pass along an older toy to another child, and we use the holidays not as a time for giving gifts but for creating memories. My husband and I spend one special evening each winter at Los Poblanos Historic Inn, eating an outstanding meal and connecting as partners, not parents. We also take our teenagers on a long weekend adventure to explore together and have time free from the chaos of everyday logistics.

This fall in particular, I am feeling immense gratitude for the dream job I have found at Bosque. I have never worked so long and hard, yet I have never felt so invigorated, excited, and inspired by my work. I don’t for a second take for granted the privilege that comes from having found a career that brings me so much daily joy and meaning. Bosque is a school that is perfectly aligned with my values as an educator, leader, and parent; I am so grateful to be able to commit my time, talent, and treasure to this magical community, alongside so many of you.

I am also grateful for the commitments you make to the school by entrusting us with your children each day, through your volunteer hours, with your contributions to our Annual Fund, and through sharing the stories of why you value Bosque with your family and community. Bosque is an amazing school that has accomplished so much in the past 25 years. I hope you will consider joining Lynn Trojahn, an alumni parent and founding Development Director, on a philanthropy tour of Bosque tomorrow (Friday, Nov 15) from 12:30–1:30 pm to learn about Bosque’s history and to give thanks to those who came before us and made this magical school a reality. Thank you for all the ways that you support us in Challenging Education.

With so much gratitude,

Jessie Barrie, PhD
Head of School