Mr. Shaw Recognized as "Distinguished Alumnus"

Mr. Dan Shaw was one of three graduates to receive an award from the University of New Mexico's College of Education honoring their professional accomplishments. He was recognized as a “Distinguished Alumnus” at a celebratory reception last Friday, October 25 on the UNM campus.

At the celebration, Mr. Shaw said in a speech that his success has been “deeply dependent on partnership.” He added, “Partnership between UNM and Bosque School. Partnership with dozens of K–12 schools. Partnerships with federal, tribal, and local natural resource agencies. Partnerships with hundreds of classroom teachers and tens of thousands of their students.”

However, he said that perhaps the most important partnership he formed was with Professor Cliff Crawford, former UNM Biology Chair. When Mr. Shaw first started at Bosque School as a science teacher, he said that Mr. Crawford “cornered” him in a UNM hallway and asked if he was interested in starting a Bosque Monitoring program with him. “Obviously I said ‘yes,’” Mr. Shaw explained, “because you cannot go wrong teaming up with a UNM Lobo on tackling a grand challenge.”

Since then, Mr. Shaw has engaged in challenging education as both a classroom science teacher and the co-director of the Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program (BEMP). He has worked with more than 1,000 of his own students to do science that matters beyond the classroom. Alongside BEMP’s dedicated staff of educator-scientists, Mr. Shaw has helped over 100,000 New Mexico students learn civic engagement through environmental stewardship.

Congratulations on your well-deserved recognition, Mr. Shaw.
    • Some of Mr. Shaw's former students and Bosque Alumnae joined him for this special award. (L-R) Rowan Converse '10, Katie Shaw '06, Madeleine Carey '10, and Katie Elder '08

    • Bosque, BEMP, and UNM Staff joined Mr. Shaw and his family for the awards.