Leigh Luna, Class of 2011, Color Designer for Steven Universe Future

Leigh Luna, Class of 2011, has started an exciting new position as a color designer on Cartoon Network’s animated series Steven Universe Future. She joined the television show’s team this last season following the Steven Universe movie, appropriately titled Steven Universe: The Movie. Color designers have the job to color everything that animates. This means that Leigh decides what colors characters wear; she also is able to design the color of new characters. Leigh shared, “Steven is an intensive show color-palette wise.” She added, “A big chunk of my job is taking new color palettes and lighting from the background painters and making sure the characters look good on them.” She also colors all of the effects and props, including space ships, cars, water splashes, and every little detail in between. 

Check out the colors in the preview for Steven Universe Future!

Leigh earned a BFA in Comic Art from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2015.