Bella and Mya ‘21 Join Best Buddies' Advisory Board

Bella ‘21 and Mya ‘21 have taken a big step in their commitment to Best Buddies by joining the Best Buddies New Mexico Advisory Board.

Best Buddies is an international nonprofit organization, and one of Bosque School’s Service Learning groups. The goal of the organization is to create opportunities for one-to-one friendships and leadership development for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). The Bosque School chapter is matched with John Baker Elementary School classrooms supporting children with IDD.

Mya ‘21 and Bella ‘21 first became involved with Best Buddies through Bosque’s Service Learning group during their freshman year. Mya ‘21 said she didn’t know much about Best Buddies prior to joining and admitted that it wasn’t at the top of Service Learning groups she wanted to join. However, she was happy with her decision once she got involved. Bella ‘21 was exposed to IDD through personal connections, but she wasn’t familiar with everything that Best Buddies did, and how far the nonprofit’s reach was. Their passion for Best Buddies was clear and in their sophomore year, the duo became Bosque School’s Best Buddies chapter presidents.

A couple of months ago, the two were a part of a local leadership day for Best Buddies. At that time, the Director of Best Buddies New Mexico, Nathan Reiman, communicated his idea to involve young people, including high school students, on Best Buddies New Mexico’s advisory board. Previously, the board had been limited to only adults. Mr. Reiman approached Mya and Bella about this opportunity and expressed that they should apply to join. Mya ‘21 and Bella ‘21 jumped at the opportunity. They each wrote a paragraph about why they wanted to join, what Best Buddies meant to them, and a history of their involvement in the organization. These were then taken by Mr. Reiman and presented to the rest of the board. After some deliberation, the board extended an offer to Bella ‘21 and Mya ‘21.

When asked about how they feel about joining the board, Mya ‘21 responded, “I’m kind of scared, but really excited,” said Mya ‘21. “It’s a little intimidating,” added Bella ‘21.

“We’re working with much older people who have been involved much longer than we have. I think that’s where the intimidating part comes in,” said Mya ‘21. “It’s also the perception that we’re high schoolers. They might not know our potential, so we have to prove ourselves.”

We’re confident in both of you! Congratulations on your great achievements.