From Crop to Classroom

Last week, Señor Abeyta’s 7th grade Heritage Spanish class began a new unit that centers around a topic near and dear to many New Mexicans: chile. 
They kicked off their exploration of the topic with a field trip to Big Jim Chile Farm located in the village of Los Ranchos. There, students had the opportunity to conduct an interview in Spanish with a chile farmer and also read a brief history of Los Ranchos; then students were able to pick a basket of their own chile pods. Each student collected five pounds of chile which they then took back to Bosque School campus to make ristras. While making the ristras, students learned the vocabulary related to the materials and the processes involved.
This was Señor Abeyta’s first time teaching a unit on chile. He was excited to delve into the topic with students and explore the “various cultural, historical, economic, scientific, and artistic connections the Hispanic culture has to chile.”