Learn About What Ms. Beare Is Passionate About

Ms. Desirée Beare has been teaching pre-algebra and algebra at Bosque School for four years and counting. She has a strong propensity towards math and teaching that has been with her throughout her life. “I decided I wanted to be a teacher in 2nd grade,” Ms. Beare laughed. She was inspired by her mom, who was also a teacher. Growing up, she saw her mom teaching and always enjoyed school herself. Ms. Beare said she was also inspired by her 4th grade science teacher. “He would do magic tricks and use science to explain how the magic tricks happened,” she explained. “I just thought that was the coolest thing.” These influences created a steadfast desire for Ms. Beare to find a way to make others enjoy school and learning the same way she did. 

“Math is one of those subjects that I think a lot of people find absolutely terrifying and boring,” Ms. Beare proclaimed. “I made it my mission to make something that most people are repulsed by and make it interesting and fun.” She understood the importance of making math fun when she saw how much her brother struggled with the subject growing up, and wanted to find a way to help him. “I made games for him,” said Ms. Beare. “I like the challenge in math, and I like the challenge of making it more fun and interesting.” She added that her brother ended up graduating valedictorian and received a full scholarship for aeronautical engineering, although she refused to take credit for his hard work.

Ms. Beare received her undergraduate from UNM in Education and Mathematics and later went on to get her master’s in Curriculum Design and Instruction from Texas Tech. She received her master’s last year while still working full-time at Bosque School. Luckily she didn’t have to go to the Texas Tech campus often over the three years she was taking classes, but she did make trips for final exams. ”Education is my hobby,” Ms. Beare explained. “I’m constantly reading about what other schools are doing and researching education, mathematics, and STEM. So, I thought, ‘If I'm reading this much anyway, I might as well get a title to go along with it.’” Her interest in Curriculum Design and Instruction stemmed from the idea that we have so much information in our pockets that we’re not fully utilizing. “With math especially,” Ms. Beare expressed, “we were taught that we’re not going to have a calculator in our pocket, but we do.” She wanted to take classes to determine how systematic education can change to make it a little less systematic and a lot more “applied.”

“I would describe my teaching style as adaptive,” said Ms. Beare. “I try to give my students the tools they need to succeed, but intentionally give them just a little bit less than everything, so they have a little piece missing that they can fill in themselves.” She has noticed students like her brother that come into her classroom who are scared of math and have struggled with the subject in the past. She says that, for the most part, her students leave at the end of the year enjoying it. Even if they don’t leave her class loving it, she’s still happy when students leave knowing that math is useful. “That’s a win,” she says.

Every year, she emails her 8th grade students’ parents asking, “How do you use math in your job or life every day?”; then she will try to incorporate those things into her class. For example, she’ll give students scenarios that a doctor, veterinarian, or business person has to deal with on a regular basis. These scenarios typically involve percents, exponents, interest rates, and other math fundamentals. She integrates this applied mathematics business aspect into her classes throughout the year. Students no longer have to wonder, “Why am I learning this?” or think “I’m never going to use this math in my everyday life.” This real-world component is a vital part of her curriculum.

In her free time, Ms. Beare doesn’t rest for a beat. Over the past three years, she has been volunteering at the Juvenile Detention Center, where she teaches college algebra. “I really wanted to find people that could use some help they haven’t received before and give back to the community,” Ms. Beare commented. She also enjoys being a part of the wedding business, taking wedding videos while her husband takes wedding photos. Ms. Beare shared that her mom also coordinates weddings and makes wedding cakes. If you’re planning a wedding, her family has you covered.

Ms. Beare’s husband, Patrick, is also a band teacher. The two actually met while in high school band. They’ve been together for eleven years and married for nearly four. Together, they have a dog Macy and a cat Mufasa. When they’re not teaching, taking wedding photos and videos, or volunteering, you can find them travelling. This past June they went to Japan. Ms. Beare gushed, “It was magnificent, I highly recommend it.” Morocco is on the books for this next summer, but she hopes to explore somewhere else before then.

Ms. Beare absolutely loves teaching. She loves teaching math and loves teaching middle schoolers. She even said, “If I happened to win the lottery one day, I would continue teaching.”