Haley White, Class of 2013, and her "Whirlwind" Life

Since graduating from Bosque in 2013, Haley says her life has been “quite a whirlwind.”

Haley attended Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, studying everything from international relations to public health, and ultimately decided to major in sociology. Maine is far from the “desert” where she grew up and she is grateful for the opportunity to experience life somewhere far from home for awhile. “It taught me a great deal about myself and my capabilities, and gave me true perspective on growing up in New Mexico,” Haley shared. “While New Mexico is an absolutely spectacular state, Bowdoin introduced me to a variety of thoughts, backgrounds, and interests that I was never exposed to at home.”

While in college, she focused on issues of diversity and equality at her school, while making sure she also spent time enjoying the beautiful Maine woods. She was also deeply impacted by the work she did supporting her peers on campus who had experienced by sexual assault; this is a subject that Haley is “deeply passionate” about. Another important chapter of her college experience was spent studying public health during an abroad program in Vietnam, South Africa, and Argentina. “In these three countries, we studied the social determinants of health, rural vs. urban healthcare access, and forms of ‘traditional’ healing methods,” Haley explained.

Haley kept busy over the summers during college as well. She led trips for a company called “Overland Summers,” an outdoor adventure company focused on backpacking and bike-touring trips for teens throughout the world. “I truly believe that being in the outdoors allows for an unparalleled discovery of self and personal strength, something that I saw time and time again in the young adults I was leading,” said Haley. She added, “I led hiking and biking trips in New Hampshire and Maine, backpacking and whitewater kayaking trips in Yellowstone and the Tetons, as well as backpacking trips throughout the European Alps.”

Since graduating from Bowdoin College in 2017, Haley has decided to continue the exploration of the world and self that she started in college. Haley shared, “While I often feel the pressure to settle in one place and focus on my future, I do not regret the time I have spent seeking to better understand myself and the world.” After working in the Alps leading backpacking trips, Haley moved to Santiago, Chile, to do work for an NGO called América Solidaria. There she was able to do research for their international office, while also exploring the country of Chile. In the summer of 2018, she worked for a public health NGO at Vanderbilt. This past winter, she taught adaptive skiing in Breckenridge, Colorado, through the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center. “We worked with individuals with all different abilities including those with autism, Down syndrome, genome deletions, Parkinson’s, traumatic brain injuries, spina bifida, paralysis, and more.” Haley added, “It was an adventure that I will never forget.” Most recently, she took a Wilderness EMT course through NOLS, a nonprofit global wilderness school, and made the move back to Albuquerque about two months ago.

“My years since graduating from Bosque have been in search of understanding and supporting the perspective of others.” Haley went on, “As I look forward, I am planning for a career in medicine, beginning with a Premedical Postbaccalaureate program this coming year. I hope that I can continue to explore the meanings of the human condition throughout the United States, while finding time to explore the great outdoors.”