Jude Gutierrez, Class of 2017, Shares What ROTC Life is Like

Jude Gutierrez graduated from Bosque School in 2017 knowing he wanted to join the military. “It’s always something I’ve wanted to do,” he admitted. His interest stemmed from his grandpa who was a Marine, and Jude’s role model. Jude shared, “He died before I was born, but I’d heard stories, seen his pictures, and knew I wanted to better myself to honor him and follow in his footsteps.”

Although Jude initially planned on going to college in Arizona, University of New Mexico won him over with its exceptional opportunities. The benefits of UNM included an easy commute, financial savings, and excellent programs. In the second semester of his freshman year, Jude joined a new family: the Army ROTC. He said, “The Army approached me with a great opportunity and job security.” Upon joining ROTC, Jude got into shape, started taking intensive classes, and began learning how to be an ROTC officer. “All of the classes are great,” Jude enthused. The ROTC program includes classes in both indoor and outdoor settings, from classroom instruction to physical fitness training. A few of these physical fitness trainings include rappelling, land navigation, and marksmanship.

There are 16 branches of the Army and Jude says that many people who join already have an idea of what exactly they want to do, which can make some areas fairly competitive. Jude is interested in joining one of the most competitive branches. “I want to be an infantry officer,” Jude stated. He says that the position involves a lot of tactics; it is “basically what everyone thinks of when they think of an Army officer.” However, Jude was also excited about the idea that not all jobs are combat-related. There are vets, doctors, nurses, engineers, and the list goes on.

Bosque’s tight-knit community has translated well to life in the Army, according to Jude. He feels he has a solid foundation and a great understanding of teamwork. He explained that teachers at Bosque helped him develop as both a student and a leader.

Jude is happy and thinks he “definitely made the right choice.” We’re happy for you too, Jude.