Congratulations, Dr. Nina Leacock!

Dr. Jessie Barrie announced that Dr. Nina Leacock will broaden her focus from being the Upper School Dean of Academics (her third year in this role) to being our whole school Dean of Academics, effective immediately. This shift is in response to feedback from our staffulty and families about the need to increase consistency of our academic program across divisions, better manifest our academic mission statement, and support our faculty review process. Nina has taught at Bosque since 2009, including six years as the English Department Leader. Her work in the Senior Thesis program led her to become a co-founder of the Capstone Consortium, an organization that supports the development of inquiry programs like Bosque's at schools nationally. “Nina loves thinking through the systems and structures that support students and teachers in their shared endeavors. Her commitment to the delivery of an outstanding and challenging education makes her the perfect person for this role.” ~Dr. Jessie Barrie, Head of School

“I am committed to seeing that we are living our academic mission consistently across divisions and that our students are receiving a coherent experience that builds from sixth through twelfth grade. When our seniors stand up and present at Colloquium just before graduation each spring, they are sharing the culmination of seven years of learning. Our seniors often ask their former middle school teachers to serve as readers on their thesis committees; they understand that their work emerges out of a community of support. I am excited to make those throughlines more visible to Bosque families and to people new to Bosque as well.” ~Dr. Nina Leacock