Author Visit Inspires Middle School Audience

Young Adult Author J.C. Cervantes Inspires Middle School Audience—She Also Can Talk Backwards...and Loves Chocolate!

Last week, our middle school readers and writers had a special visit and presentation from J.C. Cervantes, best-selling author from Disney Hyperion and Rick Riordan Presents. Drawing from her Mayan and Aztec ancestry, she has written a book series whose main character, Zane Obispo, discovers his gifts and strengths through encountering the worlds of the Mayan gods and goddesses.

Cervantes shared how her own interests and experiences influence her writing and gave some advice that resonated with many students. “I really liked what she said about sometimes you have to step away from your writing, give it and yourself a break, and then return to it.”(Nara ‘25) She also explained that one of her writing mentors, Rick Riordan, was the one who asked her to write these stories because of her family’s history.

She reinforced that writers are influenced by their background, experiences, and knowledge; provide us with stories to enhance and sometimes question our own windows-and-mirrors; and that stories and ideas are all around us.

If you didn’t have the chance to buy or order hers or Riordan’s books or need to turn in your order form and money, see Ms. Lazar in the library. The last day to turn in your order form with payment is Wednesday, October 9.