"Tasting" Books at the Bosque Book Bistro

Welcome to the Bosque Book Bistro!

Do you like to try samples? Or try out a new restaurant? Or attend tasting events?

What if you had a chance to sample or have a “taste” of some new and different books? Sometimes readers get stuck on a particular genre or author. I lean toward historical novels, but then there was a summer when I found myself exploring books with looks of AI and VR— Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. This past yea, I was immersed in books and memoirs related to the Holocaust; now I am drawn to realistic fiction by authors from as many different places and spaces as I can find. I am enjoying spreading my literary wings and tasting diverse genres and authors.

“Can I check this book out?” “How many books can I borrow at one time?” “Can I read it after he does?”

If you visit the Ford Library in the coming weeks, you may notice that we are set up for our Bosque Book Bistro. This is an orientation event as one of the middle school library activities. Students have a chance to attend a “Book Tasting” as a way to meet some new books, to try out some different genres, to explore various authors, and to spread their reading wings. In support of the commitment to create a dedicated time and space to simply read—D.E.A.R Drop Everything and Read—the Ford Library is continually working to add diverse and engaging texts to our collection. I look forward to your participation in a “Book Tasting” event to help you choose some just-right books to add to your reading list.

While preparing for the various book tastings, I committed to sharing books to enlarge our lenses: windows into worlds and ideas and perspectives that differ from our own; and mirrors that reflect who and what we are to help us gain insights into ourselves, our identities, our experiences, and open up to possibilities.

Bon Appetit! Buen Provecho! Read on!