A Day of Service Learning

"I hope to grow as we work off of each other’s strengths. I think by doing this we can accomplish our biggest goals" ~Mya ‘21, Best Buddies Student Leader

On Monday, September 9, 35 student-leaders representing 12 Service Learning groups gathered for an all-day off-campus Service Learning Leadership Retreat. The morning portion, facilitated by Jenn Jeverston with Prevention-at-Play and Santa Fe Public Schools, focused on community-building using activities that explore leadership styles; problem-solving; and communication of expectations, challenges, and strengths. Anna Rutins, Service Learning Director, facilitated an afternoon of visioning using the IPARD model (Investigation, Planning & Preparation, Action, Reflection, and Demonstration), planning for fall semester group meetings for both internal and external community service initiatives, and sharing of important practical information to make for a successful year in Service Learning.

Mary ‘21 conveyed, “Talking about expectations was very valuable because it is extremely important to be able to have complete and organized thoughts about what exactly you expect from your group, and what they expect of you. She added, “If this is done, then the year can run smoothly and there is clarity between everyone in the group, its leaders and members. It was valuable to take time to really think about how to vocalize those expectations.”

The afternoon also included training by representatives from Bosque School’s Communications, Business, and Development Departments, thereby empowering student-leaders with the necessary tools to create and implement effective service events. A sincere thank you to St. Michael & All Angels Episcopal Church for their community partnership!

In the Upper School, students take the reins of their Service Learning experiences by engaging in causes that interest them. Our Service Learning program provides a structured track for student leadership development that allows student-leaders to plan, program, and implement content and activities. The program encourages community involvement in a way that complements individual interests, with the long-term hope that service becomes a permanent part of students’ lives well beyond graduation.

“My experience as a Service Learning leader has taught me so much about everything from the issue my group is focused on, to professional skills, to relationship building practices, to community needs, and to advocacy experience,” Atlanta ‘21 disclosed. “This experience has also instilled a desire to serve my community on a greater level.”

These are this year’s student-initiated, student-led Service Learning groups:
  • AMNESTY International
  • AIPS - Animal Injustice Prevention Society
  • BATS - Bosque Art Therapy Society
  • Best Buddies
  • BUST - Bosque Union for Safe Teens
  • CAFS - Community Activists for Food Security
  • HPA - Harry Potter Alliance
  • HH4HH - Helping Hands for Helping Homes
  • MMC - Makers Making Change
  • MRC - Medical Reserve Corps
  • WAC - Women's Advocacy Coalition
  • WOKE