From Summer Readers to TV Reporters

Not only is summer reading an integral way of ensuring that students retain reading skills they developed the previous school year, but it is also a great way to ease back into the classroom. What better way to start the year than with a super fun and creative summer reading assignment? Sean Etigson, 7th grade English teacher, is doing just that. He is putting an entertaining twist on a traditional summer reading assignment with a special Book Talk Television (BTTV) project.

Mr. Etigson’s BTTV project is designed to transform students into television journalists, as they analyze the themes in their summer reading books and report them in the form of three-minute newscasts. From the host, who introduces the book through a short plot summary to the newscaster who recommends the novel to a certain type of reader, BTTV encourages students to actively engage in discussions about the big ideas in the books they read.

Mr. Etigson noted that “In addition, we practice close reading by asking one of the members of the BTTV crew to select passages from their reading book and explain how they connect to the theme around which the newscast centers.”

He added, “Overall, BTTV sets a tone in our English classroom for purposeful yet playfully creative projects, where students practice important skills in an engaging format.”

Check out a few photos of the presentations. We may have some future television journalists in our midst!