"I'm at Your Cervix" - Sarah Velasco, Class of 2016

Just three years since her high school graduation in 2016, Sarah is graduating from UNM with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and beginning a new career as a Labor & Delivery nurse at UNM Hospitals. She just completed an internship at UNMH in the Emergency Room where her love for helping people in times of need was validated.  “I wanted to go into nursing because I love what a multi-dimensional career it is, and I love helping people. In this line of work, you experience some of the worst and best times in people’s lives; it is very humbling to be a supportive and caring figure in these moments. I especially wanted to be a labor and delivery nurse because I love supporting women and all the amazing things we can do!”  During her UNM years, Sarah was an active member of both the Student Nurses' Association and the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority.