Important College Dates Ahead

Director of College Counseling: Mark Giesmann
Registrar: Amy Lucero

Important College Dates
  • Week of Sept. 1: Senior College Seminar Classes begin during Community Block
  • Sunday, Sept. 8: Dartmouth, Northwestern, Princeton, UC Berkeley & Vanderbilt presentation at Abq Marriott Pyramid North at 7 pm; all are welcome
  • Monday, Sept. 9: Bosque Junior College Night in Budagher Hall from 6–7 pm for all juniors and their families
  • Tuesday, Sept. 10: 1st college rep visit to Bosque (Macalester College)*
  • Sunday, Sept. 15: National College Fair at Abq Convention Center from 12–3 pm; all are welcome
  • Monday, Sept. 16: Tri-School Symposium at Albuquerque Academy from 6:30–9 pm for junior and senior families only
  • Monday, Sept. 16: Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Rice & U of Chicago presentation at Doubletree Hotel at 201 Marquette Ave at 7 pm; all are welcome
  • Tuesday, Oct. 1: Financial Aid Info Night at Bosque in Budagher Hall from 6–7 pm for senior families
*Beginning the week of Sept 9, college representatives from across the country will begin visiting Bosque during the school day. Approximately 100 colleges visit Bosque throughout the school year. September and October are the busiest months for such visits. All students are welcome to attend these visits to learn more about colleges, but they must obtain a pass from College Counseling and get permission from their teachers to miss class. Students will be notified of future visits during morning meetings and can check the full list in College Counseling.