Ten Years in a Blink of an Eye

Traveling from Florida, Washington, D.C., Colorado, Kansas and elsewhere, the Class of 2009 came together to celebrate ten years since they graduated from Bosque School. The weekend was full of exciting events, all planned by our amazing 2009 Alumni Committee of Rachel Trojahn Gupton, Rori McBride Pasquariello, Mariah Weber, Brooke Watters, Adrian McNamara, and Kathryn Gutierrez Kelly. Approximately 25 members of the Class of 2009 were able to attend the weekend festivities. The group met up at Canteen Brewhouse on Friday night; had breakfast, a campus tour, and met Dr. Jessie Barrie at Bosque on Saturday morning; and finished the day with a Brewery Trolley Tour on Saturday night. "It was such a pleasure to meet our 2009 alumni at their recent 10-year reunion. I am so grateful for how warmly they all welcomed me and can't wait to continue to follow their amazing adventures and meet all of our alums!" ~Jessie Barrie, PhD, Head of School

In an incredible show of support for both Bosque and his classmates, Taylor Baca challenged his 2009 classmates to contribute to the Alumni Science Lab with him and Rachel and Billy Gupton. This challenge is open through December 2019. If you would like to support science and Bosque students, please make a contribution here.

“It was amazing to see my classmates after 10 years!! I’ve kept in touch with some of them since graduation, including having them at my wedding and even being in my wedding party! But it was great to catch up with the ones I haven’t talked to since graduation! It was like no time had passed! We reminisced over past times, laughed about new stories, and just had so much fun! It was great to visit Bosque and hear from Jessie! I’m so excited to see the energy she’ll bring to Bosque! I’m excited to be on the board and continue to be involved in the school with an emphasis on alumni relations! Bosque prepared me for life by emphasizing community and giving me the drive to continue learning!” ~Rachel Gupton, Electrical and Computer Engineer at Sandia National Laboratories