Bosque Staffulty Dares Greatly During Orientation Week

To launch the year, Bosque staffulty spent an entire week together on campus with time for collective learning and inspiration, as well as planning for the arrival of all the Bobcats! Rather than simply a week of back-to-back meetings, the Sofia Center for Professional Development at Bosque School designs the orientation week to have the feel of an interactive conference, with time for small-group discussion, essential team planning, whole-group vision and inspiration, and a bit of play! This year’s orientation was framed and inspired by our collective summer reading, Dr. Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly. We’re excited to invite you into the experience with us by sharing a few highlights of our productive and energizing week:
  • A standing ovation to welcome our new Head of School Dr. Jessie Barrie, as well as several inspired framing sessions led by Dr. Barrie
  • Walk + Stories with our newest colleagues to share parts of our history, like how the Gerald and Betty Ford Library came to be, the origins of the gorgeous campus mosaics, why the gym entrance is called Firefighters’ Lobby, and where Sanchez Park got its name
  • Our annual summer reading event where we discussed Dr. Brené Brown’s book Daring Greatly and how her research can support and inform our work as educators
  • An early morning breakfast at the river, complete with place-conscious poetry and live music
  • A powerful session on cultural climate and identity
  • Moving lunchtime presentations that included summer news about Horizons; the National Capstone Summit led by a Bosque faculty member; a summer pilgrimage across Scotland supported by the prestigious Coffin Fellowship won by a Bosque teacher; and photos and music from Bosque students who traveled to Latvia this summer to perform at an international jazz festival
  • A beautiful and moving tribute to Toni Morrison
  • A board-led activity inviting input and ideas from staffulty that will support the strategic planning work ahead
  • Optional afternoon pop-up sessions, from mindfulness to a mini-workout to training on the new Blackbaud platform
  • Planning sessions for every department, team, and division with a focus on creating a fantastic school year for every student
  • A school safety session led by Dr. Barrie and an APD colleague
  • Daily reflection that invited the staffulty to consider what it means for us to “dare greatly”
  • And much expressed gratitude for the many, many people who contributed to making the week an inspiring and productive one!
By noon on Friday, we were even more excited for the arrival of our students and filled with a sense of shared mission and purpose. It was fitting that we wrapped up the week with an impromptu group dance to “We’re All in This Together,” led by Head of School Dr. Barrie! Here’s to a fabulous year ahead!