Finding Their Feet

Before jumping back into the classroom, the Class of 2023 started their school year faced with a different kind of challenge. A challenge that involved climbing to great heights, scaling many ropes, and building lots of trust among each other. You guessed it— the 9th graders conquered a ropes course at their retreat last week!

“We started off with team-building activities, like trying to learn each other's names,” Gavin ‘23 explained. “I think it was a really great thing for the kids who were coming into Bosque and might have been nervous, and I think it really helped them get cushioned into life at Bosque.”

Elijah ‘23 added, “It was a way to connect us, especially going into this new chapter of our lives. High school is a big change.”

At the ropes course, students had the opportunity to navigate team activities, improve communication skills, and build relationships with each other before the beginning of the school year. Ninth grade faculty advisors were also a part of the day’s activities.

“It was great meeting our advisors,” Elijah ‘23 stated. “And it was a really nice way to begin the year.”

It looks like the class had a very fun time, even if the challenges were a bit daunting.