Stay Informed with Emergency Notifications

The safety of our community is of paramount concern for all of us at Bosque. Please watch for detailed information about our school-wide crisis management procedures in an upcoming issue of the Bosque Buzz. We will also be scheduling an optional parent forum for anyone interested in learning more and asking questions about our crisis management work here.
We send out emergency communications when needed; if you want to receive text messages on your mobile phone, you must text to opt-in for these messages. Do you want your spouse, family member, or significant other to receive these messages? If so, please let them know to take this step as well.
Opt-in by sending Y” (or “yes”), via text message to #67587.
Emergency Communications include these situations:
  • School Delays: Inclement weather or other incidents
  • School Closures: Inclement weather or other incidents
  • Drill Messaging: Lock Down, Shelter in Place, and Fire
  • Actual Emergencies: Lock Down, Shelter in Place, or Fire
Messages will be sent at the beginning of a drill or emergency, during (for updates), and as a closure or end to a drill or situation.