Welcome Back, Bobcats!

Welcome Back, Bobcats!

I have been in my new role since July 1st, and I am so excited to launch the school’s 24th year with our Convocation on August 14 at 9:00 am in Sanchez Park and to have the campus and hallways filled with the BUZZ of our community coming back together.

I was always a kid who loved going back to school. Any chance you remember the 1996 Staples commercial where a dad is seen skipping through the store aisles, throwing Post-its and pencil sharpeners in his cart while “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” played in the background? His children are seen sullenly following along in the wake of their dad’s enthusiasm. That was not me. I adored going “back-to-school” shopping with my mom. I loved the promise of crisp new folders, unsharpened pencils, and binders yet to be filled (I am imagining that all our students reading this are thinking I was the world’s biggest dork at this point!).

It wasn’t that I didn’t love summers off, but I also was lucky enough to be part of educational communities that felt like my second family. I couldn’t wait to see my friends, meet my teachers , and see what opportunities the new school year presented. The school hallways felt like safe territory to try out different versions of myself and a place I was supported in being smart, goofy, athletic, confused, conflicted, and all the other emotions that come with growing up. I recognize how privileged I was to have had such positive educational experiences, and it is my goal as an educator to do everything I can to support our students having similar experiences and memories of their own middle and high school years.

Since my arrival at Bosque on July 1st, I have been deeply engaged in learning everything I can about the school from those with more experience here. I have had over sixty 1:1 meetings with our faculty, staff, and trustees; I have carefully read the 169 responses I received from our students to my request for their perspective and advice; I have dug through the Employee Wellness and Family Satisfaction surveys (the Family Satisfaction Survey received the highest response rate to date with 58% of last year’s family’s offering feedback—THANK YOU!); and I have spoken with alumni, including the class of 2009 whose ten-year reunion was held on campus a few weeks ago.

Everything I am learning points to the power of this community and the belief in and commitment to Bosque’s mission. My learning has also exposed some opportunities for growth; in stability, in communications, and in ensuring we are walking our talk in regards to providing a consistent and challenging education. My priority for this year is to keep learning, keep listening, and to work collaboratively with our community to ensure Bosque is working tirelessly to manifest our core values of scholarship, integrity, and community. As I have said before, Albuquerque needs a school like Bosque. Today’s world needs students who graduate with the skills gained from a Bosque education. I am committed to doing everything in my power to help Bosque further grow, refine, and thrive in our mission and potential to better serve the children and community of Albuquerque.

Please consider following my journey on Instagram at jess_bosqueheadofschool. I plan to share the stories of our students, our community, and our growth with all of you, with a goal of a daily post all year!

I can’t wait to meet you in person. I hope to see you at our special convocation ceremony on August 14th. And I hope you agree with me that this is the start of the “most wonderful time of the year”!

All the best,

Jessie Barrie, PhD
Head of School