Seniors Present at Colloquium

Every Bosque student completes a Senior Thesis, a culminating inquiry project that challenges students to develop an original argument in answer to a question of their choice. Students write a research question, a prospectus, an annotated bibliography, and numerous drafts of a twenty-plus page paper as they complete this project. Though the project is supported with a skills curriculum, students exercise considerable independence in planning and conducting their own work.

“You don’t get smarter as you get older,” said Upper School English Teacher and Upper School Dean of Academics, Dr. Nina Leacock. “With appropriate support and resources, young people can do work that is truly of value to others and not just a step in their own educations. Colloquium demonstrates that.”

Students are advised by a faculty committee that helps them to develop the interpersonal or "soft" skills that are as important for lifelong success as the easier-to-define "hard" skills of interdisciplinary research.

The final event, where students present their work to the public, is the Senior Colloquium. The event was held last Wednesday and Thursday.