Kids Teaching Kids About World Water Issues

More than 120 4th and 5th grade students from Alice King Community School were on Bosque’s campus Tuesday for a day filled with lessons and activities taught by our 7th graders. The interactive Inquiry Project lessons prepared by 7th graders focused on “world water issues” (supporting the theme “Agua es Vida” or “Water Is Life”) and sought to answer important questions like "How do oil and other pollutants affect the ocean?" and "How does fluoride in our water affect us?"

Students worked on their projects for the last two weeks, first choosing the water issue they wanted to explore, then delving into the tasks of researching the answer to the question and preparing an interactive lesson that they would teach to visitors from Alice King. Each 7th grade group taught six lessons during the session on Tuesday.

“I felt like a proud papa at the end,” said 7th grade dean, Tom Allen. Mr. Allen delighted in the fact that after the students’ initial challenge to identify research questions and create lessons, “they just step up and do it.”

Shayna Lazar, the grade-level leader at Alice King Community School, said students look forward to visiting Bosque annually for the student presentations and often talk about their experiences long afterward. “There’s never enough time for hands-on science, so this is a great opportunity for the kids to gain a memorable experience,” she said. “It’s fun to see kids teaching kids. Many student say that this is their favorite field trip.”

Here’s a list of the awesome presentations given by 7th graders:

How do underwater volcanoes affect the oceans?
How do microplastics affect the environment?
What are the difficulties of cleaning polluted water?
How long does it take icebergs to melt and can they evaporate when it’s cold?
How do tsunamis affect water quality?
How does overfishing affect the world?
How does pollution affect different organisms?
What are the ways that we can conserve water?
How do hurricanes affect cities and the ecosystems around them?
How does our tap water get to us and how do we purify our water?
How do oil and other pollutants affect the ocean?
How is carbonated water made and how does it affect the environment?
What are the causes and consequences of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?
How does fluoride in our water affect us?
What effect does trash have on marine life?
How do we explore marine life in the ocean, and what are theories about undiscovered ocean life?
What are strategies for converting salt water to fresh water?
How does the rising sea level affect humans/environment?
How might we be able to survive as an underwater society?
Oil spills: What’s the big deal?