Spanish Seminar Classes Conclude Year With “Deep and Thorough” Work

During their last two weeks of school, the 21 students in the Spanish Seminar classes are presenting their final independent projects. These students worked diligently during the last month-and-a-half to craft 25-minute presentations on topics they are passionate about and that concern the Spanish-speaking world. The students are committed to giving presentations that are meaningful and reflect all the arduous work they have done in the Spanish program for the past seven years.

Presentation titles cover a wide range of topics: Incan and Mayan Astronomy, Environmental Issues in the Caribbean, Food and Their Cross-Cultural Transformation, Colonization of the Americas, Soccer and Its Cultural and Economic Implications in Brazil, Music and Its Cultural Significance, and The Lack of Racially-Diverse Superheroes in Latin America, among others.

These presentations include interactive activities designed to prove a thesis statement, evaluate what the audience learned, or present the topic in a creative way. Through her conversations with the students during the preparation process, maestra Maria Clara Rekow expressed her confidence that as students delve deeply and thoroughly into the content, they will be proud of their accomplishments as language and culture learners.

Presentations will conclude on Friday.