BEST BUDDIES Support Special Olympics at John Baker Elementary School

On April 27, Bosque School’s Best Buddies service learning group visited their little buddies at John Baker Elementary, a partner school for the past two years. Along with John Baker’s teachers and parents, the students helped create a day full of fun games and activities for their annual Special Olympics. The idea of Special Olympics is to help create inclusion and spread kindness among kids of all abilities.

The morning started by helping the kids stretch and warm-up through a lively game of Simon Says. For the remainder of the day, students were matched with teams of kids and watched and cheered as they competed in different adapted games like tug-of-war, 50-meter dash, javelin, long jump, relay race, and much more. The kids showed great care for one another as well, helping those who were struggling to finish the race/game. Family and friends with big signs could be heard cheering for the kids from the sidelines.

Students say it was a day of gratitude and recognition for truly wonderful kids. They hope to get more schools participating in Special Olympics in the coming years.

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