Student Interest Fuels Inquiry Projects

Bosque’s 6th graders took on challenging subjects and made deep dives into discovery for their inquiry projects which touched on important topics that included suicide, cyber-bullying, pollution, global warming, animal abuse, impact of plastic on ocean life, and poverty. The students presented their group findings to the public last week. Bosque’s inquiry curriculum is charged with developing the students’ skills and nurturing their interests.

“It’s one of the reasons I came to Bosque,” said 6th grader Sierra. “It’s not the same thing every week.” Sierra’s group focused its work on dog abuse. She said they looked at the reasons people abuse dogs and studied the outcomes.

Another group studied animal testing for skin care and cosmetics testing. “I learned a lot and was able to inform other people,” said Maddie.

Students said that the opportunity to work together toward finding solutions to big problems was fun and educational, but was also challenging because of occasional differences of opinion between group members. These occurrences, however, provided valuable experience in problem-solving and reaching consensus through discussion and debate.

“It’s cool that the school does these projects,” said Isabella. “And it’s interesting to learn about a topic I didn’t know much about.”

Ainsley, whose group studied rising tides, said she enjoyed having a chance to improve her public-speaking skills. “It’s good because we get to practice talking in front of people.”

In addition to researching and presenting their findings, the students also created intriguing art pieces to represent their learning.

Great job, 6th graders!