Student Duos Place in Annual Art Song Festival

The 10th Annual Vocal Artistry Art Song Festival was held over the weekend and several Bosque students performed and placed in the finals. The Festival is annual event open to all students, singers, and pianists living in the state of New Mexico. The goal is to encourage the further study of “Art Song” repertoire which plays a vital role in the development of vocal performers.

Several Bosque students competed and placed in the finals of the event.

Vocalist Maylin ’21 and Katia ’22, who accompanied her on the piano, participated in the Senior Collaborative Piano and Vocal High School Division competitions. The two were selected for the finals and won 3rd place in the Senior Collaborative Piano competition.

“This was my first year in the festival, and I enjoyed it a lot,” said Katia, who has been playing piano for about seven years. “I was very nervous because I’ve never accompanied someone before, but Maylin is an amazing singer and we worked well together.”

In her fourth year of participation, Maylin has become a Festival veteran, competing with a different pianist each year. “This year was the first year my pianist or I made it into the finals, so that was super cool,” she said. “ I had a lot of fun this year, and I hope that I can collaborate with Katia in the future.”

Maylin said she joined her first chorus in elementary school. She’s also played piano for more than a decade.

Bosque students, Aidan ’23 (vocals) and Lena ’24 (piano), also competed in both the Vocal Junior Division and the Junior Collaborative Piano competitions They, too, were selected for the finals and placed 4th in the Junior Division.

Lena, who has played piano for six years, said she was nervous about the competition, but was happy to accompany Aiden. She was also pleased with the outcome. “This was my first competition and I was really stressed and nervous, but it turned out to be a really good experience,” she said. “I would like to do it again next year.”

Katelyn ’22 also competed in the Vocal High School Division.

All three singers study with Jacqueline Zander-Wall and sing in the Bosque choirs. Katia and Lena study piano with Astrid Groth.

Congratulations to Maylin, Katia, Katelyn, Aidan, and Lena!

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