8th Annual Otter Day at Bosque

BEMP (Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program) along with Bosque School hosted dozens of students in kindergarten and 1st grade from Manzano Day School and Inez Elementary School on Monday for the 8th annual Otter Day Celebration.

The goal of the event is to teach young student-participants about river otters and their habitat by allowing them to experience different activities set up on Bosque’s campus. The activities were led by Bosque’s Wildlife students. River otters are an important indicator species of river health, so they are ideal animals to focus on when learning about how human activities impact New Mexico rivers.

“They are really able to grasp these concepts of being able to protect the environment and what they can do at a very young age to help, not only otters, but all the animals we have in the bosque ecosystem,” said BEMP’s Shelby Bazan, in this interview with KRQE at the event.

Activity stations and their intended lessons included:

Bosque Hike: Visiting the habitats of wildlife that are all around us.
Clean Water for Otter Game: Don't let trash reach the Rio Grande. Pick up trash. Scoop the poop.
Otter Habitat: The Rio Grande in Albuquerque can only have otters live there if we protect the food, water, shelter, and space that make up their habitat.
Dress an Otter: How otters have adapted to live in the water.
Otter Day Puzzle: All the themes above, plus, a reminder that it all takes YOU!

A second Otter Day event with more local students is planned for next week.