Students Encouraged to Learn About Themselves/Others at Annual ME/WE Conference

This week Bosque hosted its sixth annual ME|WE Conference: Exploring Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity, and Social Justice with 7th grade students.  

ME|WE is part of Bosque School's commitment to social justice and continually improving the social development of our 6–12th graders. The conference addressed issues of interpersonal relationships, identity formation, and who we are as individuals, as well as who we are within the Bosque community and in a global context that is relevant for the 21st century. Through this conference, students developed a better sense of self, as well as acceptance, understanding, and most importantly, respect for others.

“The world is quite literally at your fingertips,” said Bosque Interim Head of School Pat Preib to the students during the opening session of the conference. “The world has expanded for you, offering many more opportunities for you to determine how you might want to be in the world. It’s also made it a little more confusing.”

Ms. Preib encouraged students to pay close attention as they listened to conference presenters and participated in activities. “(Then) reflect on what it is you hear and learn about yourself,” she said.  

Students attended three 70-minute workshops facilitated by local community members. Facilitators represented diverse identities and organizations to present challenging topics in an accessible and engaging setting. The following topics were presented:
  • “Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack: Acknowledging the Impact of Privilege on Community,” Ebony Booth, Bosque School
  • “Religious Differences: On Antisemitism and Islamophobia,” Amelia Paradise, Jewish Bridge Project of New Mexico
  • “Social | Media - Literacy Training 101,” Sen Garcia, Media Literacy Project, Basement Films
  • “Invisible Disabilities & Mental Illness,” Kristi Goldade, Breaking the Silence New Mexico
  • “Mindfulness for Social Justice Warriors,” Katie Shaw, Bosque School
  • “What’s Next? Affinity Group Activities Beyond 7th Grade,” Bella ’19, Alyssa ’20, Shane ’20, Anele ’22, Bosque School
The ME|WE Conference has been successful due to the generous sharing of experiences from Bosque’s community partners, students, and faculty.

A huge thank you and congratulations to all involved in organizing this important annual event!