Bosque MRC Named Jr. Medical Reserve Corp of the Year

Bosque’s Medical Reserve Corps has been recognized with the Junior MRC of the Year Award, an honor bestowed by the New Mexico Department of Health. Bosque’s MRC was founded during the 2006–07 school year by then-students Chris Quinn-Vawter ’08, Thomas Cummins ’08, and Ivan Lawit ’09. ToRC has 38 members, 21 of whom are currently licensed by the state of New Mexico, mostly as Medical First Responders and one as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B).

On campus, the MRC treats between 7–10 urgent or emergency calls each month and assist about 25–50 medical interactions for community members with long-term medical care support needs. They also regularly provide medical care standy-by services for off-campus activities.

The group was nominated for the award by Luke Esquibel, an EMT who serves as a coordinator for the Greater Albuquerque Hospital Coalition Medical Reserve Corps. “Being the only primary high school group in New Mexico, the Bosque MRC has supported the Greater Albuquerque Hospital Coalition Medical Reserve Corps through flu shot clinics, Tomé’s Good Friday first aid station, and the Gathering of Nations All Skate Jam, as well as offering community CPR classes for the Albuquerque Housing Authority,, which serves low-income community housing projects. I am pleased to award them because of their continued service and partnership. They are hardworking, curious, and a great value to their community and ours.”

Bosque’s program has had a significant impact on students during its 12 years of operation. Bosque alumni, previously involved with the MRC, today work as nurses, doctors, paramedics, and other health care professionals.

Congratulations, Bosque MRC!