Films by Catie ’19, Devon ’19, and Hedy ’19 to be Screened at Upcoming Experiments in Cinema Youth Program

Congratulations to Catie ’19, Devon ’19, and Hedy ’19 whose films have been selected for screening at the upcoming Experiments in Cinema Youth Program on April 17 at the Kimo Theatre. Students from only eight Albuquerque area schools, including Bosque, have been chosen to have their films shown. “Sam Ain’t Afraid of Anything” by Catie and Hedy and “September” by Devon and Catie will make their debut at the screening.

"Sam Ain’t Afraid of Anything" is based on a Turkish fairy tale titled The Boy Who Found Fear at Last. In their version, a young boy goes on a quest to scare himself (eating lunch in a graveyard, searching for monsters in the woods, summoning demons, etc.) but is unsuccessful. When he returns home, he is greeted by his dad with the responsibility of taking over the family business—and this is when the boy finally knows fear.

September follows a man who is reminiscing about his lost love, revisiting places and memories to find that she is no longer there. Catie and Devon made the storyline non-linear in order to create a sort of confusion between past/present and reality/imagination, so the ending would allow for audience interpretation.

Throughout the year, Basement Films brings Experiments in Cinema to schools around New Mexico. The goal is to inspire a new generation of home-grown filmmakers to recognize the value of their media voices and to participate in shaping future trends of cultural representation. Basement Films is one of the few remaining first generation micro-cinemas.

Other participating schools include Albuquerque Academy, Amy Biehl Charter High School, Family Focus Center, Media Arts Collaborative Charter School, Public Academy for Performing Arts, Sandia Prep, and Working Classroom.

The screening will take place on April 17 beginning at 7:30 pm. Tickets are free and it’s an all-ages show. For more info, click HERE.