Tori Linton Renwick '08-A Decade of Success

Moving abroad, two degrees, marriage, internships, working internationally, and even pet adoption have kept Tori Linton-Renwick busy since she left Bosque a decade ago.  Recently, Tori was back on campus to celebrate the anniversary of her high school graduation with former classmates; afterward she reflected on her time at Bosque and the experiences that have contributed to her many successes.

“The school gave me such a strong base to grow from,” she said. “From teaching me to stand on my own two feet .. to encouraging me to try different things and always ask questions…One of the great things is that Bosque didn’t push us into specific areas of study. So much overlaps these days in our careers, and I was encouraged to be involved in so many aspects of school life, which is  very similar to ‘real life.’”

After Bosque, Tori attended the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where she graduated with a degree in History and Archaeology in 2012. By the following year, Tori had added to her education a Master of Arts degree in Museum Studies from Kingston University in London.

Following a few internships in London museums, Tori worked at Wayfair as a buyer, then moved into the print industry for British/American magazine publishers.  Recently she started in an exciting new role in International Digital Marketing at Houzz, an interiors and tech company. The position is based in London.

This year, Tori will celebrate her fifth wedding anniversary with husband Fraser, whom she met while at St Andrews. Today, Tori and Fraser live in East London with the “little black cat” they adopted in 2015 who “loves to get in all sorts of trouble!” But, she quips, “My dad loves that his (Fraser’s) family still lives in Scotland since now he always has an excuse to visit and play golf!”