High Scoring Bosque Math Students

Adam ’19 and Gabe ’20 were Bosque School’s highest scoring students in two math contests this spring. After being invited to the second round of the UNM-PNM Statewide Math Contest on February 2, which was already an excellent achievement, Gabe was awarded 3rd place in the state for 11th grade!

About 800 students across the state from 6th–12th grade began this contest in November, from which 170 were invited to the second round. To then be among the students on the final winning roster is an astounding accomplishment! Gabe and math teacher Mr. TJ Middleton are invited to the awards ceremony on April 20. Adam also achieved the same score as Gabe, but had a tougher field of contestants in the 12th grade division.

Both students then went on to receive the highest scores at Bosque on the AMC 12 national math contest for 11th and 12th grade, held on February 7. Both credited their Bosque-acquired math skills for helping them to achieve success in the contest.

“I had a lot of fun and the math in the competition was really interesting,” said Gabe. I was able to solve many of the problems because of the work I’ve done at Bosque and the creative approaches I’ve learned to use. Next year, I’m sure to participate and hopefully I can do this well again.”

Adam shared similar thoughts. “This was my fifth year participating in the UNM-PNM math competition, and I feel like each year I've improved, answering more questions than the previous year,” said Adam.  “I enjoy doing these math competitions because they expose you to math that you don't usually see in your normal math class. Rarely do I ever know how to do any of the problems right away—the most challenging (and fun) part is trying multiple approaches to a problem, using the math skills I've developed during my seven years at Bosque.”  

On the AMC 10 for 10th grade and under, Victoria ‘21 and Finn ‘21 were the top scorers at Bosque.

“We don’t teach to tests or contests at Bosque,” said Mr. Middleton. “We encourage students to analyze new problems and develop their own strategies and solutions based on piecing together previous knowledge and extending concepts. We’re very proud of our students for having these skills and also performing so well in math contests!”

Congratulations to all of our math wizards!