Mid-Year Parent Survey

Pat Preib, Interim Head of School
Recently, we surveyed our parents about a variety of Bosque programs, how well we communicate with them, and their overall satisfaction with the school, among other questions. I want to send a hearty thank you to those parents who took time out of their busy days to let us know how they felt.

Overall, the responses were strongly positive; for this we are gratified.  Of course, there were some areas in which we need to do a better job. We plan to address those areas voiced in the survey over the course of the semester and into the summer. At the end of the school year in May, you will once again be invited to share your thoughts with us via a survey.

Bosque parents responded to the survey with 43% participation.  Although we would prefer to have a higher response rate, we feel this gives us good data to inform us about what we are doing well and how we can improve.  The more parents who respond, the better we can see trends over time and thus improve the Bosque School experience for both our students and their families.

Sample responses from the survey show overall satisfaction with Bosque over 91%, which is up from the last couple of years. The areas most positively rated are our academics and inquiry philosophy. The areas of concern for some of our parents fall in the social category, with parents worried about the treatment of students by classmates. The social atmosphere here at school is one that is foremost in our efforts, which we demonstrate by our social-emotional learning curriculum, our morning meetings, and our advisory programs, in addition to the myriad teachable moments that arise throughout each day.

Of the 212 responses we received, 83% of respondents felt that the quantity of communication is "just right." We do a good job, according to our respondents, in telling the community about our events and general information; we can improve our efforts in communicating about individual children and the strategic vision for the school.

New to this survey was a rating of particular programs offered by Bosque School.  Families were asked to rate the importance of each of the programs as those programs support the overall educational experience they desire for their students. A “10” meant that the program was absolutely essential, and a “0” represented not at all important. Interestingly, our programs were all better-than-average, with parents finding value in every program listed. The average and median ratings were “6.0” or higher.  Parents also commented that this section of the survey was weak because we only asked about the importance of the programs, neglecting to ask whether the program was meeting their expectations for it. This is an excellent suggestion for our next survey.
Your responses are enormously helpful to us as we review our practices in an effort to continuously improve. Thank you very much for letting us know what you think; we invite you to share your thoughts with us again this May.