Windows & Mirrors Sometimes Aren't Available for All Kids in Books

Barb Lazar, Bosque Librarian
The Intercultural Exchange is underway, and Bosque students are getting the firsthand experience of living and learning in a culture that is different from their own. While at Colegio Reina Elizabeth in Mexico City with other students, host parents and siblings, teachers, and on excursions, they are looking through a cultural and linguistic window, and then actually stepping into the scene. They are immersing themselves. Those with whom they relate are also getting the benefit of learning from them as well.

While in a new setting and space, Bosque’s students also have an opportunity to experience a mirror. We get to look at ourselves through a fresh lens; we may see our strengths—for example, at home I am shy, but here I can see that I can step out and have an engaging experience.

Windows and mirrors help us grow, but sometimes they are not available for all kids in books. While I am in Mexico with our Bosque students, instead of writing a “Windows and Mirrors” book review, I invite you to watch and listen to this Trevor Noah interview with author Jason Reynolds, one of today’s best and award-winning authors (Ghost, Patina, Sunny, Lu, Long Way Down, Miles Morales: Spider-Man). He speaks of his own experience as a young (non) reader, and why and for whom he writes. Hint: he writes for kids like he was, but really he writes for all of us! Watch and let me know what you think.