Student Spotlight: Senior Thesis/Colloquium-Tyler '19

Senior Thesis and Colloquium is the culmination of a seven-year journey. Each Bosque senior undertakes a year-long independent research project and delivers his or her findings in a twenty-page research essay as well as in the public presentation at Colloquium. Over the course of the year, students will submit a formal prospectus, conduct text-based research and fieldwork, and test their arguments at a defense.

In the weeks leading up to Colloquium on May 15 and 16, the BUZZ will feature the thesis topics of Bosque’s seniors and provide insight into student researchers as they work toward the completion and presentation of their finished work.

Tyler ’19
How can the linguistic discrimination within the Latino community negatively affect the self-esteem of Latinos who don’t speak Spanish?

Thesis Synopsis
Tyler is researching the Hispanic/Latino/Chicano community to draw lines between speaking Spanish and self-esteem. He is studying how Latino people feel about their knowledge of Spanish and how it affects the way they identify as a Latino. His thesis is not only a research project but also an investigation of himself as a Latino. He offers insight to “linguistic discrimination” in the community and how it can be detrimental to the greater community; he also tackles the ideas of social rejection and its effect on one’s mind, and how these topics are all connected
Researcher Bio:
Tyler is currently one of the leaders of Model United Nations, serving as an attorney on the first Bosque Mock Trial team to qualify for the State tournament; he is also a four-year thespian and licensed First Responder in MRC. Tyler has also acted in four years of Mainstage and a musical, as well as participating in the Poetry Out Loud competition. Tyler will attend UNM for college and is hoping to pursue a career in medicine or law. Tyler wants to use his thesis to learn more about himself as a proud Latino, but also to help other non-Spanish speaking Latinos to understand they are not alone.