8th Grade Celebrates Completion of Inquiry Projects

The 8th grade class celebrated the completion of a long, challenging project last week with a bowling trip to Lucky 66. Students enjoyed some well-deserved downtime after finishing up their Inquiry Project presentations last Thursday. Bosque’s inquiry curriculum develops skills while nurturing student interest. “It gives students a chance to guide their own learning,” said Bosque English Teacher and 8th Grade Dean Katie Peterson. “It’s also a chance to build their confidence.”
The projects begin in September when students select a topic they’ll research for the next several weeks. They learn how to and conduct interviews with subject-matter experts, write a research essay with a works cited page, and finally create a 7–10 minute presentation which they give in front of their peers, teachers, and public audiences.
Ms. Peterson said that research topics this year included social media use and its impact on mental health, urban food deserts, sustainable living, musicality, lucid dreams, and forensics, to name a few.
Interim Head of Middle School Leslie O’Hanlon said she was impressed with the wide range of topics the students researched and the end products. “They really owned this process and were poised and confident in their presentations” she said. “I am very proud of the work they did.”