Working Mommy with a Cause

Diana Schesser, Assistant to Head of School

Maybe you can relate…

A last minute stop on Saturday took us to the bookstore for my daughter’s Holocaust memoir, Night, and my son’s next adventure in Greek mythology. His baseball practice (at which I fast-walked the perimeter of the field to get in my exercise) was just two hours ago, followed by his haircut, and my car’s oil change.  Oops, also lunch—can’t forget that. Now, what about dinner? They are hungry, again! One more stop en route to home to pick up an easy-fix’n crowd-pleaser—gourmet sandwiches, it is.  Back at home, bellies full (a temporary state, I’m sure), I unpack and begrudgingly uncurl the sports socks caked with dirt, stiff as concrete, stuck inside out.  As I look at the red mud-streaked uniform, I mutter, “How much soap and elbow grease is this going to take?! Who decides they should wear white, anyway?!  It certainly isn’t a mom who launders clothes!”

But wait! There’s more...A parent needs to discuss a concern about their child.  A trustee requests to add an item to the Board agenda. A student asks, “Excuse me, do you have a spoon for my oatmeal?” A teacher wants to expand the curriculum, adding an out-of-state trip. A student wants to tackle a heavy topic at morning meeting and another needs to know who to speak to about a fundraiser.  A lost pig (yes, you read correctly, a pig) is scared and running around the Quad, taking shelter under shrubs. [I know you are wondering...he was safely corralled into a pen and the local shelter found him a home.] A neighbor wonders if Bosque has any worn-out tennis balls we could donate to cover the ends of her husband’s walker (and we did!).  “Would you please make an intercom announcement that Student Government is meeting about dances in Mr. Simpson’s room right now?”

I don’t know about you, but sometimes, I am just overwhelmed and exhausted by the tug on my clothes, the call of “Mom, Mom, hey, MOM!” and the proverbial question, “Do you have a minute?” or “Can you help me with something?” from everyone.  Don’t get me wrong—yes, I’m tired, but this is my lifeblood!  I absolutely know I would not have been blessed with my husband and four children or a job that supports a school in whatever capacity is needed (remember, the pig?) if I weren't “cut out” for serving. What does this mean, you ask?  Well, servant leadership is best explained by authors Bob Burg and John David Mann in The Go-Giver. This fun, yet serious, fictional tale is of a young worker, Joe, stumbling to fulfill his work and home commitments.  Joe learns a new mindset as he navigates through a lively week of “meetings” with a very business-savvy, successful character named Pindar.  I can’t give away the story, so come along on Joe’s journey to learn what servant leadership truly is and how we can all enjoy life more through the fulfillment of adding value to others’ lives.  If you need further inspiration to read The Go-Giver, my seven-year-old son (a natural critic) begs for me to sit with him in the evenings and read about the latest adventure Pindar invites Joe to experience.