Ruth Bieber-Stanley '17 Blogging to Give Back

It was the Oberlin Blogs that helped seal the college-destination deal for Ruth Bieber-Stanley, Class of 2017, and it’s through contributing to those very blogs that she’s continuing their legacy. “I applied to write for the Oberlin Blogs because they were instrumental in bringing me to Oberlin,” Ruth said. From “Freshbaby’s Guide to Surviving Finals Week” to “An End of Semester Reflection,” Ruth is doing her part to share all-experiences Oberlin. “Writing this blog is a way for me to give back to the Oberlin community,” she said.

Ruth’s blog page is fun and approachable, reflecting the personality of the school and providing a big-picture perspective to prospective students, who, like her, could use the insight to make a college decision. “Reading the blogs was so exciting because it not only gave me a sense of what Oberlin was like, but also allowed me to imagine living and learning there,” she said. “If I hadn’t found the blogs, I might not have applied to Oberlin in the first place. I want to help show prospective students why I love Oberlin so much and how special a place it is.”

Ruth is interested in the human brain and behavior, languages, dance, feminism, fun socks, social constructs, chat, sweaters, puns, helping people, haikus, and baby goats. She’s a second-year Psychology and German double major at Oberlin College, a liberal arts college in Oberlin, OH. When she’s not reading, note-taking, and lovingly putting color-coded events into (her) Google Calendar, (she) co-teaches an ExCo on campus called Girls in Motion, serves as a PAL (Peer Advising Leader) and a DLEC (Dining Loose Ends Coordinator), and enjoys swing dancing, talking ballet classes, seeing friends, and attending concerts.