Shelby Rashap '16 A Journey in Design

Just a year-and-a-half ago, Shelby Rashap, Class of 2016, started silk screening at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, where she’s currently a junior studying Communication and Design. And it was her inspiring work that recently landed her design on the cover of The Prattler, the Institute's leading literary arts publication which aims to foster and amplify the voices of student creators.

“They’ve been in this period of transition and redesign over the past year,” said Shelby about The Prattler. “They were looking for a more colorful, graphic feel to the magazine...The work I do is very shape-driven and bold, using a lot of that’s what they were looking for on the cover.”

Shelby’s design adorned the cover of The Prattler’s Issue II-Safety & Accessibility, Fall 2018.

“It was really cool to be asked to do some of the work that I enjoy doing,” she said. “It was also cool once the issue was published and to see it across the campus and to see everyone reading it.” Shelby anticipates that she’ll continue to work on illustrations for the publication.

As she pursues her Communication degree, with a concentration in Graphic Design, Shelby is taking full advantage of opportunities which are helping her figure out what she wants to do after graduation.

“I’ve had good opportunities with that takes up the majority of my ‘outside of Pratt’ time,” she said.

Last summer Shelby worked with a jewelry startup on packaging design and a political consultant firm working on graphics for its clients. During the fall semester, she interned with Retailworks, a firm specializing in retail, corporate, and hospitality spaces, and recently started an internship with Tandem Design NYC.

“I’m very excited about this internship,” said Shelby. “There are only three or four people who work in this studio; they worked for, did branding for, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez...they do a lot of work for up-and-coming minority politicians, but also work for organizations like Planned Parenthood and other socially active organizations.”

For now, Shelby’s absorbing all she can from the internship experiences and hasn’t yet decided on one area of design to pursue after graduation. But, she said, “I picture myself in a smaller design firm, nonprofit clients or clients that are making positive impacts...but I’m still figuring it out.”

When she’s not studying or interning, Shelby keeps busy on campus and off. She’s a Resident Advisor (RA), a rep for the Communication and Design Department, and part of a group called Comm D Agency, a communications design student group.

And when she does have time to venture out into the city to explore, Shelby enjoys the museums and other exhibitions that New York has to offer. “It’s such a vibrant city,” she said. “There’s so much to be inspired by, from other artists and creatives, but also from the city.”

Shelby Rashap is currently a junior at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, studying Communication/Design with a concentration in Graphic Design.