Adventures in the Field

Seventh grade students were in the field over the last several days observing wildlife and collecting data as part of their monthly watershed curriculum activities. Two trips took them to Battleship Rock, where they monitored water quality and stream flow, and also to the Bernardo Wildlife Preserve where they were able to observe wildlife.

Beginning in 6th grade, Bosque School students dive deeply into understanding the Rio Grande and its riverside forest, the bosque.

“Ultimately what we hope they realize is that the data they collect is used by other agencies (like New Mexico Game and Fish)...and the organizations use that data to make important decisions,” said Science Teacher Jim Daly. “Their work is important to the overall well-being of wildlife and to us as humans.”

As part of their field studies, each 7th grade section performs watershed monitoring once per month. Collectively, the four sections participate in 28 field trips to specific monitoring areas over the course of a school year.