Reset, Rebrand; but Why?

Marisa Gay, Director of Communications, Marketing & Alumni Relations
Rebranding any element of a company’s visual identity can cause a lot of anxiety among customers and supporting constituent groups. Change can be difficult for people who already love the business as well as the product or service it provides. However, goods and services provided evolve over time, and outward facing marketing must be relevant and current to meet the needs of today’s savvy consumers for value and integrity of the services or products provided.  

Can you recall the first Microsoft logo, Apple logo, or McDonald’s logo? In some cases, what I thought were their first logos actually were about three iterations down the line from the original. Take a look at this video which shows logo transitions for many large, recognizable companies.

Revolutionizing a brand is exciting, stressful, frustrating, insightful, and fun all—at the same time. Going into it, I realized not everyone would be in agreement, but we had to keep our eyes on the goal of developing a brand platform (logo, font, colors, taglines, and slogans) that was, in its most simplest form, an expression of the true essence of Bosque School.

I am sure you have noticed the slight changes since August and the new website. These are all part of our rebranding campaign. Rebranding helps Bosque School remain current with the changing dynamics of education, the world around us, and the demographics of our community.Let’s look back on the early days of Bosque School to understand the identity and brand in which our founders believed strongly. In 1994, when the idea of a new school was launched, the founders created a mission and core values that still hold true today. However, the school has evolved over the past 24 years—as has education. Since 1994, we have embraced change and evolved in the classroom, adding more emphasis on inquiry-based learning, critical thinking, social-emotional learning, diversity, equity, and inclusion. We have also grown our student body, faculty, and staff and have gone from renting classroom space in the Northeast Heights to a permanent home on 45 acres adjacent to the Rio Grande bosque that provides us with an invaluable outdoor classroom. We have added courses; enhanced the deep learning in the core curriculum; improved content to reflect the changing world in which our students live; put time and effort into keystone programs such as BEMP, the Sofia Center for Professional Development, and Service Learning; and launched new programs that give our students incredible opportunities to learn and grow. It was simply time to make our brand fresh and relevant to reflect “who” Bosque School is today.
Change is inevitable. If you think of an organization like a tree growing new branches, you can easily see how much the school has evolved since it was founded in 1994 and opened in 1995. At that time in history, we were introduced to “Woody” and “Buzz Lightyear” in Toy Story and eBay launched. Texting was not readily available for consumers until 1997, and e-commerce was just a blip on the radar. Bosque School has grown, yet we hold strongly to our original core values of scholarship, community, and integrity. These values will always be the guiding principles for everything we do.

How Did We Develop the New Branding Platform?
In the 2016–17 school year, we began a full year of research to understand how our internal community of parents, students, faculty, staff, alumni, and alumni parents, perceive and value the education they or their children were receiving or have received in the past. An outside research firm Connor Associates sent surveys to all constituent groups and conducted small focus groups on campus. In addition, they conducted phone surveys with local business people, nonprofit leaders, and residents of the greater Albuquerque area to find out how they perceive Bosque School and what makes Bosque School unique.

This data informed the process of developing our refreshed brand. We partnered with Esparza to complete this work which included creating and designing new logos, developing a tagline “Challenging Education,” solidifying colors, choosing fonts, and creating slogans, and launching a new website. We are gradually incorporating our new look into all school assets; this will take time to completely evolve. I hope you are enjoying the new look and feel of the logos, colors, and the new website. This month, we are excited to launch a Bosque School digital app (coming soon) and Bosque supporter gear on AmazonShop now for officially licensed Bosque School Bobcats merchandise printed on-demand with free shipping for Amazon Prime members. Remember to go through Amazon Smile and designate Bosque School as your nonprofit recipient for all Amazon Smile purchases. Stay tuned for the evolution of Bosque School and #challengingeducation.