Hot Topics Debated in Economics

Students were asked to demonstrate their understanding of the tools of economics covered this first semester by applying them to a public policy debate and individual position paper in Amy Moore’s Upper School Economics class this week. The debates covered controversial and complicated issues such as raising federal minimum wage, offering debt-free higher education, government supported universal basic income, universal healthcare, and whether businesses should be required to provide paid maternity leave.  Students were required to prepare opening statements, rebuttals, and participate in a question & answer round led by our guest judges, Peter Rice and Lindsay Wood.

The judges engaged with students and challenged them further with thoughtful questions. “The kids did an exceptional job grappling with such complex issues,” said Ms. Moore.

More about the judges:
Mr. Rice has worked as a journalist and in the public policy field for years. Ms. Wood is in business for herself and is an active member in the Albuquerque Toastmasters, which focuses on public speaking and leadership development.