Yum, Tortillas!

Sometimes the best way to learn is by doing. In the Bosque Spanish program, students got their hands dirty and converted Señor Daniel Abeyta’s classroom into a kitchen. Part of learning a language involves enjoying cultural products and participating in cultural practices. For Spanish, one special practice is making flour tortillas by hand. This was once a daily practice in many Hispanic homes. However, it is now so easy to buy tortillas at the store, that the practice of making homemade tortillas is slowly fading away. But having students make this cultural product in class is one way to bring the practice back to life.

Before actually getting to make the tortillas, students illustrated the Spanish vocabulary and rearranged cut-up strips of the Spanish recipe. This helped to familiarize themselves with the recipe before diving into cooking. After making the tortilla dough (masa) and cooking tortillas in class, students created visual maps of the process and presented in small groups using their newly acquired vocabulary.