Women’s Empowerment League Invites You to Embrace Screening

"The purpose of your life is not to be an ornament to be looked at, but to do and feel and contribute," ~Taryn Brumfitt, Director of Embrace

The Bosque School service learning group WEL (Women's Empowerment League) is dedicated to opening conversations intended to dismantle the hurtful dialogue that we observe as normative practices in our world, such as body shaming, objectification, and the verbal degradation of women, femmes, and gender non-binary individuals—who are all vulnerable to the instability and oppression inherent to a patriarchal society.
“We strive to replace this culture with a more empathetic dialogue that promotes equality and the foundation of genuine, mutual relationships,” said Annie ’20. “This is why we chose to show the movie Embrace, which follows a woman on her mission to present stories belonging to those who have not always celebrated or felt worthwhile in their bodies.”
People from all walks of life are at risk when they exist in a society that is constantly showing them images—images they are expected to compare themselves to—that are not necessarily realistic and are held at higher esteem than the images that are reflective of reality. Embrace is a movie that reminds us it's okay to look however we do, to have whatever body we have, to change what we want to change, or not change at all.

"WEL is so excited to share this film with our community," Annie said. "if we are seeking a future that is accepting and loving toward all people, this is the kind of movie we need to see."

Join us!

Screening of EMBRACE
Friday, January 11, 2019
Bosque School's Budagher Hall
6:00 pm: Doors open (get there early for best seats)
6:30 pm: Movie starts
8:00–8:45 pm: Panel Discussion* 

*(Panel experts are Lindsey Barela, LPCC and Co-Director of Student Development at Bosque School; Sen Garcia, Filmmaker and Media Educator; Kimberly Payne, MA, LPCC, CEDS, Psychotherapist & IOP Director - Eating Disorders Treatment Center, LLC; and other related experts [more information will follow]).