The Storehouse Gets CRASHed

Upper School service learning group, CRASH (Conserving Resources and Stopping Hunger),  spent time giving back to the community by providing volunteer services to a local food pantry, The Storehouse. The Storehouse is New Mexico’s largest food pantry and last year fed 50,000 people! The organization relies heavily on volunteer support to accomplish its mission.

CRASH members spent hours sorting donated foods into bins, which ranged from canned veggies, to cereal, and even pet food! In fact, some of the group’s time was spent filling bags of dog food as The Storehouse aims to support the furry friends of those experiencing food-insecurity.

Sadly, the group reported that some of the donations they sifted through were opened bags of flour. Despite being a cooking staple, opened foods do not make their way onto the pantry’s shelves and instead are diverted into the pig food bin.

The group’s final volunteer area was the actual food pantry, which they say was the best experience. Members were assigned to stations like bread, canned meat, dairy goods, etc. Shoppers went through the aisles and chose their food, which reflected a grocery store type of setting. Most importantly, group members were able to connect with pantry clients which helped to debunk stereotypes about those experiencing food insecurity.