A Special “Thank You” to Admissions Team

The Middle School LEAD Team showed its appreciation to the Admissions team and the work they do with a special breakfast on Tuesday. “Each one of us has worked with you to help us become a Bobcat,” the group said in its invite to admissions staff. “We understand and know it takes time, energy, commitment, and passion to build our school community.” The group also put together an “appreciation acrostic” which was shared with the admissions team.

A-Always welcoming and friendly
D-Dedicated to our community
M-Mornings are filled with visitors
I-Information for new families
S-Special events welcome us
S-Sundaes are offered as treats when we are new
I-Interested in who we are and what we do
O-Obviously love our school and community
N-Nice! Just nice!
S-Smiles and coversation during the process

Awwwww, how sweet!