The History of Global Reparations

UNM Political Science Professor Kathy L. Powers visited with students in Tim Green’s Modern History class this week to talk about the history of global reparations. The class was working to understand the complexities and nuances of colonialism, slavery, and their relation to sugar. “Unfortunately there are hard truths associated with this time period,” said Mr.Green. “The students really appreciated Dr. Powers and learned a lot more about global reparations and how complex the decisions around restorative justice can be.”

Professor Kathy Powers is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of New Mexico. She also holds appointments in the UNM School of Law, Program of Africana Studies, the Center for Social Policy as well as the Department of Government at Georgetown University. Two themes guide Professor Powers’ international politics research: 1) the legal capacity and political authority of international actors as well as 2) institutional change and effects. Her research specifically focuses on the role of politics and law in reparations efforts for mass atrocities globally, the design and authority of international organizations, and the security implications of international trade organizations.