Students Debate EU Refugee Quota

Students were pushed to learn about some of the most pressing issues facing humanity today.
For the last several days, students in Tim Green’s International Relations class debated the refugee quota established by the European Union (EU). Students were assigned specific countries and were responsible for arguing on that country’s behalf in terms of the quota. They debated on key issues around comprehensive border laws, the right of free movement, and the right to work and education. Students were judged by Bosque staff and faculty on their research, argumentation, and empirical facts around the issue. The goal was a better understanding of the complexities and nuances of border reform through better understanding the EU migrant-quota crisis.

Students represented the following countries:
Dante ’19-Hungary
RJ ’20-Slovakia
Carsten ’20-France
Campbell ’20-EU Commission
Jenna ’19- Austria
Natalie ’19- Greece/Italy
Alyssa ’20- Civil Society (NGO-Refugee International; IGO-UNHCR; refugee perspective from multiple conflicts)
Shane ’20-Poland
Julian ’20-Czech Republic
Eliza ’20-BBC reporter
Jakob ’20-Spain
Allison ’20-Germany
Rohin ’19-Al Jazeera reporter