Samantha Grady, Class of 2011, Shares Exciting News

Samantha Grady, Class of 2011, stopped by at Bosque this week for a recruitment visit and to announce some exciting news! 
She’s engaged! After 1 ½ years together, Samantha said she and fiance, Chicago-resident Alex Pietrasink, were engaged over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. While they haven’t set a date, Samantha said they’re thinking sometime in 2020.

Samantha shared the exciting news with Bosque staff during a recruitment visit to the school this week. She’s an admissions recruiter for her alma mater, St. Mary’s in Indiana, a school she graduated from in 2015. She’s held the position for two years and manages a territory that includes North and South Carolina, Georgia, New Mexico, and Eastern Michigan—a role she clearly loves.

“The second best thing to going to St. Mary’s is working for St. Mary’s,” she said. “Interacting with the young girls...learning what is on the hearts and minds of 17-year-olds right now..why they are drawn to a women’s college, a liberal arts college. Reading their college essays, you learn about their’s so amazing.”

Before joining the recruitment team at St. Mary’s, Samantha earned a Master of Theological Studies from Loyola University, originally wanting to become a professor. And while those plans have changed for now, Samantha says she does see herself staying in higher education, possibly in admissions. “I love being in the academic environment and having access to speaking and lectures; it fosters learning, which I really love.”

While she played volleyball for Bosque and during college, Samantha says she hasn’t continued to play the game. Instead, she gets her exercise through Orangetheory workouts. “It’s my favorite,” she said.

Congratulations to Samantha and Alex on their engagement! And thanks for stopping by to visit Bosque!